Benefits of Youtube Marketing

You can Drive qualified Traffic to your website , better the quality of traffic you will have improved chances of conversion , lets explore few ways of how youtube can help generate traffic to your website .

Search Engine Optimization –

Google , binge and yahoo serve up content each time someone searches for a specific keyword . frequently one of the top results they serve is a video . When you create youtubevideos , you are automatically creating content that is highly useful for search engines .

Also consumers these days search on google for specific keywords and when results showup , they click on video tab to see what video responses pop up .

Video Search Optimization –

Consumers usually search for videos to find solutions to their problems , and that’s why youtube has become 2nd most popular search engine . if you have a good and effective video done for your niche , your customers will find you and and engage with your products and services .

Referral Traffic from Videos

Each video that you make has a description field that allows a clickable link that can take people to your website or product page . Make sure to add your website link in the description box while uploading video on youtube .

Referral traffic from your youtubechannel –

Most visitors when they watch your video , they will also click on your youtube channel to see other relevant content , they will also see how many subscribers or videos you have and if theres is a link to your website .

Referral traffic from Call to Action Overlays –

Call to action overlays on your videos cld be very effective way of driving traffic to your website or landing page .

Social Sharing –

When your video is up there , visitors will share the content on their social media platform . This will generate Viral effect for your Brand / Products and Services and generate more prospects every single day .

Subscribing to your channel –

When people subscribe to your channel , they see your videos in their home feeds , which means the more subscribers you have , the more people are easily going to find your next video .

Video as a General Sales Tool –

Make your product pages more effective .make a sales related video and embed it in your sales page . This rich media has been clearly shown to improve your sales rates .