Some words about us

We do cutting edge Live Action / Animated Videos that explains how a business or product works. Research has shown that explainer videos are very effective in engaging viewers and holding their attention to completely listen to your message. They have proved to be effective in explaining intricate product usages in a simple manner to the customer. Graycode specializes in making jaw-dropping, animated explainer videos that simplifies intricate business content phenomenally, helps understanding the concept very easily, enables businesses to explain their services simply, effectively and meaningfully. With exceptional story telling skills, we engage, educate and influence your audience’s decision making at the same time in such a way that it increases your rate of conversions, search engine results and best of all-sales.

Some Facts

With 80% of the world’s Internet traffic predicted to be made up of video content by 2019, there has never been more need for brands, marketers, and agencies to embrace video marketing as the most effective type of communication with their target audience. Recent studies have shown that 85% of companies are finding success with a video marketing strategy, and there’s no doubt that video can engage in a way that text never can.