Different Types of Videos

Different Types of Videos –

How to Videos

Does your product support Complex Activity ? Maybe you are making a engineering tool or industrial installation , such product line requires educating your customers to give them a headstart .

Customer Support Tool –

Do you frequently get customer service enquiries that can be best explained with a video ? Are there commonly misunderstood aspects of your product and service ? You can make collection of customer support videos and host it on youtube. Your customers will appreciate the rich media content and you will build good rapport with them .

Tutorials for your customers –

Do you have a product that is challenging to learn how to use ? Maybe it’s a software , or perhaps it’s a tool or solution that has multiple steps . Creating tutorials to train your customers will add a lot of value and expand your customer base , as word by mouth you will get publicity and generate more prospects .

Product Demonstrations –

Do you have a product that must be seen to be believed ? Show your products in action using live action and 3D Animation for your customers to get much better feel of your product advantages . Creative Product Presentations can go a long way in creating powerful brands .

Formal Testimonials –

Do you have a celebrity or well known industry veteran who will speak about your product , service or company ? Testimonial videos can build good credibility around your Brand .

Discount Offers –

One way to boost your no of youtube subscribers is to occasionally offer a special discount or coupon exclusively through youtube . Build videos around your special offerings .

Why will people watch your videos ?

There are only 2 reasons why people will watch your Videos –

Curiosity –

First reason , people will watch video is out of curiosity , they want to see what is about to happen and have mysteries explained . You can create suspense by giving creative tag lines to your videos and then visitors wld like to know how in the videos the suspense is unfolded , they will stay till the end .

Motivated Self-Interest –

Learning something new – People love to learn something new , internet gives you infinite access to empower your knowledge . use videos to educate your potential customers with exciting information .

Laughing – People enjoy humor more than anything else , design your content with lot of humor in it and people will love to share on their social media platforms , your brand will get a viral effect .

Problem Solving – Your videos should empower people to solve their problems , consumers come to youtube to get quick fix their issues watching videos .

Entertainment – People want Entertainment EntertainmentEntertainment , and your video should be loaded with one . Simple and to the point scripting can do the job , you need not go over the top for this .

Make sure , when you upload your videos Title of the Video is well thought of , the opening sequence of the video is very effective to set the tone .

The description box – this is very important for your videos to show up in searches , embed right copy with keywords and tags , also don’t forget to add your website URL .

Driving Traffic

Social Media Platforms –

Your Email List –

Email marketing is one of the most effective tool , you can generate email lists using your video .

Product Page –

Your ecom site’s product pages are the most vital part of selling online , and getting traffic from youtube to those pages has got to be top priority .

Pitch Video –

Create a pitch video for your targeted Customers , explain the benefits of your products / services and help them solve their problems and add value .

On Video Call to Action –

You can advertise on your video , by giving link to your website . People will click on the link on video itself .

Channel About Tab –

About tab on your channel is where people will get more information about you .

Adwords –

You can run Video Adwords from youtube , run PPC campaign to show up your videos on google listing and drive traffic to your site .

Analytics –

Youtube Analytics is an analytics package that you can use to evaluate the success of your efforts . The features allows you to see your results at both the channel level and individual video level . To view these feature simply click on the Video Manager option .

Lets understand type of information you can review from these features .

Overview –

From the overview tab , you can view a summary of your performance and engagement metrics .

Earnings Report –

The earnings report provide a summary of your revenue from monetization efforts .

Views Reports –

The views reports are intended to provide detailed information about your viewership and your viewers behavior .

Video Views


Playback Locations

Traffic Sources


Audience Retention

You can also check Engagement Reports and analyse following information –


Likes and Dislikes




Call to Action


Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides information for webmasters about the traffic coming to site . There is a section related to social traffic , which documents the results of youtube visitors coming to your website .


Network Referals

Visitor Flow

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Video Marketing Trends

Tom, the head of marketing of a cosmetic brand start-up wants to introduce the new ‘Showstopper Collection’ to audiences and is pondering on the best way market the launch. While doing his research Tom takes a look at how other brands are promoting their products by browsing through their Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. He get’s amazed to see the number of marketers using videos as a medium to promote their product offerings. Right from promotional videos and tutorials to product reviews to testimonials, live streaming, and even vlog, the list goes on.

He thought to himself if he wants to be relevant to the audience and keep up with the trend he better use video marketing to introduce his new Showstopper Collection. Tom immediately hired a professional agency who could help him create a successful campaign for the mega launch.

Here’s why Tom and many other marketers are justified in making the right choice and opting for Video Marketing.

  1. The Video Revolution staggers at 100 million hours of viewership each day on Facebook and 10 billion video views on Snapchat. With this we cannot doubt the outcome it could produce for brands.
  2. Non-paid engagement (organic) is the highest on Facebook at 13.9% when the post contains a video.
  3. According to a study done by Cisco, it is estimated that by 2021 videos will account for an astonishing 82% of the space on World Wide Web. This video revolution will drive every company big or small, established or start-up to opt for video marketing to survive the competition.
  4. Viewers love for Live Streamed Videos is on an all-time increase and it only gets more addictive by the day. Studies show that people watch Live Videos 300% longer compared to videos that are recorded or are no longer live. Nowadays people can even use Facebook’s Creator App to add certain features to a Live Video and make it more interesting for the viewers.
  5. It is also a proven fact that the retention of the message viewed over a video is 95% vs. merely 10% by reading text online.
  6. Running advertisements on TV and simultaneously having video content live on Social Media increases campaign reach and doubles the chances of call to action influencing the purchase
  7. As high as 83% of marketers who used video marketing think that it gives great ROI and 82% feel that it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy.
  8. According to findings by Google, videos are a hit amongst people in the age group of 18 to 34. Further to this half of the users in this age group are known to stop what they are doing and watch a new video published by their favorite YouTube creator.
  9. To add to the above findings, Google confirms that most of the millennials (40%) trust YouTube for content and 60% claim that their decisions, actions, and views are influenced by watching the videos.
  10. Brands that have invested sufficient time to strategize their video message rather than just putting up frivolous content have reaped the benefit with 83% of consumers enthusiastically sharing it with their friends.

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What is Video Marketing?

The definition of Video Marketing is as simple as making use of videos to promote or market your brand, product or service. Going from reel to real, videos convey strong messages to audience at just a click. Versatile, impactful, entertaining, engaging– these are a few words that come to mind while referring to Video Marketing.

Video is versatile: When it comes to marketing and making videos even sky is not the limit. Videos have great compatibility and they can fit-into any distribution platform from desktops to mobiles. Videos can be used to cinematize a documentary or make a 6 second micro blip. A single video can be packaged differently, repurposed and republished to suit the content needs.

Video is impactful: It is a proven fact that audiences are at least 64% more likely to purchase a product or avail of the service after seeing a video representation rather than merely reading text or images. Well thought videos help establish personal connect with the audiences through easy to digest content leaving a huge impact and an excellent recall value.

Videos are engaging and entertaining: In today’s day and age where there is an overload of content and information with different brands trying to get the users attention, it is imperative for the audience to get bored easily and just scroll over without paying any heed. With video, marketers can create magic and be as innovative as possible while trying to deliver the right message. Relatable, fun and interesting video content and graphics easily grab the attention of the user who then looks up to the brand and follows it for more trends, product information and helpful tips.

Video is social: As marketers you would want your audience to not just look at your video but to be social influencers and share it with others. Video marketing has the potential to strike the right note by building an emotional connect with the audience and driving them to take action by liking, sharing and engaging in conversation over the video.  Audiences are most likely to share something that makes them feel good; and gets them fired up.

Video for better SEO: Showcasing video content on your website helps increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website and increases the chances of ranking first in Google search. A mix of text, image and video helps to show Google that your content is varied and valuable with greater emphasis on optimized video content.

Video is measurable: Having reports up and ready to monitor the ROI generated through your video marketing initiative is a big plus point. Video analytics is easily accessible and can help you track the leads generated giving insights into your campaign strategy and way forward.

We can keep raving about the innumerable benefits that Video Marketing bring to start-ups, established brands and mid-sized businesses. So if you don’t want to be left out, start harnessing the important power of video and kick start your video marketing campaigns today.