Holographic Animation is a unique and compelling display technology, designed to present detailed 3D content as free floating elements. Imagine your presentation being seen as 3D information and objects with no visible screen and visuals that quite literally leap out of the screen. Graycode offers full script-to-screen services for the planning and production of customized holographic animation. Designed with eye-catching motion and visual effects, our customized holographic animations push boundaries and expectations by providing that extra wow-factor to your presentation that captivates your audience. It delivers a one-of-a-kind experience and conveys the heart of your story in a lucid, compelling and extremely impactful manner.

Holographic animation saves cost on recurring physical products point of sale and display terminals. Whether it’s a life-size on-stage presentation, or a simpler free standing cheoptic holographic presentation, Graycode works closely together with you to determine the best holographic solution for your project. You also enjoy flexibility as the holo-boxes are custom-built to suit your space and marketing needs. With our ground breaking holographic projection techniques, your presentation will never be forgotten.