Different Types of Videos

Different Types of Videos –

How to Videos

Does your product support Complex Activity ? Maybe you are making a engineering tool or industrial installation , such product line requires educating your customers to give them a headstart .

Customer Support Tool –

Do you frequently get customer service enquiries that can be best explained with a video ? Are there commonly misunderstood aspects of your product and service ? You can make collection of customer support videos and host it on youtube. Your customers will appreciate the rich media content and you will build good rapport with them .

Tutorials for your customers –

Do you have a product that is challenging to learn how to use ? Maybe it’s a software , or perhaps it’s a tool or solution that has multiple steps . Creating tutorials to train your customers will add a lot of value and expand your customer base , as word by mouth you will get publicity and generate more prospects .

Product Demonstrations –

Do you have a product that must be seen to be believed ? Show your products in action using live action and 3D Animation for your customers to get much better feel of your product advantages . Creative Product Presentations can go a long way in creating powerful brands .

Formal Testimonials –

Do you have a celebrity or well known industry veteran who will speak about your product , service or company ? Testimonial videos can build good credibility around your Brand .

Discount Offers –

One way to boost your no of youtube subscribers is to occasionally offer a special discount or coupon exclusively through youtube . Build videos around your special offerings .

Why will people watch your videos ?

There are only 2 reasons why people will watch your Videos –

Curiosity –

First reason , people will watch video is out of curiosity , they want to see what is about to happen and have mysteries explained . You can create suspense by giving creative tag lines to your videos and then visitors wld like to know how in the videos the suspense is unfolded , they will stay till the end .

Motivated Self-Interest –

Learning something new – People love to learn something new , internet gives you infinite access to empower your knowledge . use videos to educate your potential customers with exciting information .

Laughing – People enjoy humor more than anything else , design your content with lot of humor in it and people will love to share on their social media platforms , your brand will get a viral effect .

Problem Solving – Your videos should empower people to solve their problems , consumers come to youtube to get quick fix their issues watching videos .

Entertainment – People want Entertainment EntertainmentEntertainment , and your video should be loaded with one . Simple and to the point scripting can do the job , you need not go over the top for this .

Make sure , when you upload your videos Title of the Video is well thought of , the opening sequence of the video is very effective to set the tone .

The description box – this is very important for your videos to show up in searches , embed right copy with keywords and tags , also don’t forget to add your website URL .

Driving Traffic

Social Media Platforms –

Your Email List –

Email marketing is one of the most effective tool , you can generate email lists using your video .

Product Page –

Your ecom site’s product pages are the most vital part of selling online , and getting traffic from youtube to those pages has got to be top priority .

Pitch Video –

Create a pitch video for your targeted Customers , explain the benefits of your products / services and help them solve their problems and add value .

On Video Call to Action –

You can advertise on your video , by giving link to your website . People will click on the link on video itself .

Channel About Tab –

About tab on your channel is where people will get more information about you .

Adwords –

You can run Video Adwords from youtube , run PPC campaign to show up your videos on google listing and drive traffic to your site .

Analytics –

Youtube Analytics is an analytics package that you can use to evaluate the success of your efforts . The features allows you to see your results at both the channel level and individual video level . To view these feature simply click on the Video Manager option .

Lets understand type of information you can review from these features .

Overview –

From the overview tab , you can view a summary of your performance and engagement metrics .

Earnings Report –

The earnings report provide a summary of your revenue from monetization efforts .

Views Reports –

The views reports are intended to provide detailed information about your viewership and your viewers behavior .

Video Views


Playback Locations

Traffic Sources


Audience Retention

You can also check Engagement Reports and analyse following information –


Likes and Dislikes




Call to Action


Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides information for webmasters about the traffic coming to site . There is a section related to social traffic , which documents the results of youtube visitors coming to your website .


Network Referals

Visitor Flow

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