Video Marketing Trends

Tom, the head of marketing of a cosmetic brand start-up wants to introduce the new ‘Showstopper Collection’ to audiences and is pondering on the best way market the launch. While doing his research Tom takes a look at how other brands are promoting their products by browsing through their Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. He get’s amazed to see the number of marketers using videos as a medium to promote their product offerings. Right from promotional videos and tutorials to product reviews to testimonials, live streaming, and even vlog, the list goes on.

He thought to himself if he wants to be relevant to the audience and keep up with the trend he better use video marketing to introduce his new Showstopper Collection. Tom immediately hired a professional agency who could help him create a successful campaign for the mega launch.

Here’s why Tom and many other marketers are justified in making the right choice and opting for Video Marketing.

  1. The Video Revolution staggers at 100 million hours of viewership each day on Facebook and 10 billion video views on Snapchat. With this we cannot doubt the outcome it could produce for brands.
  2. Non-paid engagement (organic) is the highest on Facebook at 13.9% when the post contains a video.
  3. According to a study done by Cisco, it is estimated that by 2021 videos will account for an astonishing 82% of the space on World Wide Web. This video revolution will drive every company big or small, established or start-up to opt for video marketing to survive the competition.
  4. Viewers love for Live Streamed Videos is on an all-time increase and it only gets more addictive by the day. Studies show that people watch Live Videos 300% longer compared to videos that are recorded or are no longer live. Nowadays people can even use Facebook’s Creator App to add certain features to a Live Video and make it more interesting for the viewers.
  5. It is also a proven fact that the retention of the message viewed over a video is 95% vs. merely 10% by reading text online.
  6. Running advertisements on TV and simultaneously having video content live on Social Media increases campaign reach and doubles the chances of call to action influencing the purchase
  7. As high as 83% of marketers who used video marketing think that it gives great ROI and 82% feel that it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy.
  8. According to findings by Google, videos are a hit amongst people in the age group of 18 to 34. Further to this half of the users in this age group are known to stop what they are doing and watch a new video published by their favorite YouTube creator.
  9. To add to the above findings, Google confirms that most of the millennials (40%) trust YouTube for content and 60% claim that their decisions, actions, and views are influenced by watching the videos.
  10. Brands that have invested sufficient time to strategize their video message rather than just putting up frivolous content have reaped the benefit with 83% of consumers enthusiastically sharing it with their friends.

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